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Are you good with people and have a passion to help others? Not sure if becoming a professional Christian counsellor would be a good career option to consider? We will share with you some simple questions to determine if you are suitable to becoming a Christian counsellor.

Unsure where to get started with finding the right course for you? Undecided as to whether to go    full-time or part time? We will share with you the options for study and help you choose the course that will best equip you for your counselling future.

Where will an accredited counselling course lead you? Do you work for a service organisation? Should you start your own business? Becoming a professional counsellor has many career options. We we help you explore all your potential career pathways.  

Join a panel of speakers as they discuss the challenges facing families today...

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Get insights & practical advice as a panel of experts who discuss the challenges & pressures facing families today.

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What People Say?

I have always had a passion to see people’s lives changed. By studying counselling with aifc, I am equipped with the tools to facilitate that change. Studying via Distance Education has made it more accessible and affordable.

Les Daly
(Diploma- Distance-based)
Aviation Fire Fighter

Many of the tutors I worked with during the time of my training had worked in the industry for many years; modelling to us strong counselling ethics and professional practice.

Vicky Robertson
(Graduate Diploma)
Family Counsellor

I chose to do the aifc course as a step toward regaining personal direction and purpose. After almost a year, I have grown so much both on a personal level and in my relationships.

Sam Wundke
(Advanced Diploma)
Professional Photographer

I’d definitely recommend aifc to any young person who is serious about their faith and wants to gain skills in helping people but is not sure what direction to take.

Kezia McGarvie
(Advanced Diploma)
Youth Camp Leader, Counsellor

The acute crisis of CV19 is passing for the moment and we are in a period of transition which in reality is just the latest in a series of multiple transitions over the last 12 months.

Life changed in the space of a few weeks on a global scale. Fear and panic may have temporarily reduced however we have widespread hardship that impacts people, families, the Church, communities and our nation.

Each of the areas of Faith, Family and Finances have been profoundly impacted in both negative and positive ways that need to be explored better understood and shared. 

What do we leave behind and what lessons do we take with us into the future as a result of this crisis?

What will be covered in the webinar?

A time of transition from crisis to a new normal

What has this period shown us about Church and how adapted to the changes of the past few months.

Explore Andrews experience, position and writings in Kingdom communities.

Claire, through her experience, writings and research will discuss the trends we are seeing in family dynamics as well as how the different generations are going particularly regarding mental and emotional health.

Daren, through a coaching and financial expertise lens looks at how have people, families and our nation have managed their respective economies.

What positive (though hard) lessons can we learn from this time that lead to changes in our financial management and how we steward Gods money.

Practical ways to strengthen mental and emotional health through relationships


Taking stock, adapting and growing yours and your families faith.



Ways to future proof your financial position

Nicholas Marks 
CEO of Australian Institute of Family Counselling

Hosting the panel in this webinar & future podcast

Claire Madden

Director and founder Hello Clarity

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How Christian Families Can Navigate The Challenges Of The COVID19 Disruption

Dr Andrew Menzies

Pastor Mitcham Baptist Church

Darren Laudenbach

Financial Coach and author of Gods Money Matters

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