Are you good with people and have a passion to help others? Not sure if becoming a professional Christian counsellor would be a good career option to consider? We will share with you some simple questions to determine if you are suitable to becoming a Christian counsellor.

Unsure where to get started with finding the right course for you? Undecided as to whether to go    full-time or part time? We will share with you the options for study and help you choose the course that will best equip you for your counselling future.

Where will an accredited counselling course lead you? Do you work for a service organisation? Should you start your own business? Becoming a professional counsellor has many career options. We we help you explore all your potential career pathways.  

3 Things You Will Discover By Joining

Will you join the webinar?

How to grow your capacity to effectively respond to mental and emotional health issues in your marriage, family, work or church community

Learn to prioritise your own self-care so you can effectively help others.

Become more confident in knowing how to help your family, friends and community in their moment of chaos.

How to support your friends and community in the long term to see lasting change.




Sally Goldsmith
Regional Director, Victoria Coordinator, Innovation and Training 

David Watkins
National Partnership Manager 

David Watkins has a wealth of experience in counselling and coaching, business consulting, sales, marketing, finance, project management, training, process
improvement and leadership. He has worked in a range of managerial, counselling, consulting and training positions in a range of industries and companies across 4 continents, as well as working successfully in his own consulting practice over the last 10 years. David brings together his expertise in counselling and coaching,
business management, training and sales with his passion for people and education.
As a qualified businessman, counsellor, supervisor, leadership trainer and coach for over 25 years, David ties together his business background with his people skills to bring a wide range of services to individuals seeking to help them meet their full potential and reach personal healing.

"Mental illness is on the rise with 4 million (17.5%) Australians living with a mental health or behavioural condition."

Who Is Speaking?

What People Say?

I have always had a passion to see people’s lives changed. By studying counselling with aifc, I am equipped with the tools to facilitate that change. Studying via Distance Education has made it more accessible and affordable.

Les Daly
(Diploma- Distance-based)
Aviation Fire Fighter

Many of the tutors I worked with during the time of my training had worked in the industry for many years; modelling to us strong counselling ethics and professional practice.

Vicky Robertson
(Graduate Diploma)
Family Counsellor

I chose to do the aifc course as a step toward regaining personal direction and purpose. After almost a year, I have grown so much both on a personal level and in my relationships.

Sam Wundke
(Advanced Diploma)
Professional Photographer

I’d definitely recommend aifc to any young person who is serious about their faith and wants to gain skills in helping people but is not sure what direction to take.

Kezia McGarvie
(Advanced Diploma)
Youth Camp Leader, Counsellor

Max Schneider
Manager, Innovation and Training
On Campus International Program

Max Schneider is a counsellor and family therapist specialising in work with children and adolescent survivors of torture and trauma. He has over 10 years’ experience counselling in a variety of settings including schools, the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), and in private practice. Following a life crisis in 2000, Max started studying counselling, family therapy and Christian ministry, completing the aifc Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy in Canberra in 2004 and later attaining postgraduate qualifications in Psychotherapy and Counselling and in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. He currently manages aifc's Innovation and Training and International Student Programs. Max grew up in Argentina but he currently lives in Sydney with his wife Tatiana and two daughters, Stephanie and Isabella Grace.

See a personal transformation so you can be a positive force in helping others who are going through a crisis or those who are being affected by emotional and mental health issues

If so, you are one of many christians who are facing the challenges of being in relationship with someone who has mental health problems.

Dysfunctions of many kinds are caused by the ever increasing pressures life can bring whether they be financial, relational, work or ministry related. Allied health professionals are straining under the burden, so pressure is mounting on ordinary folk in families. Whether or not you want to become a qualified counsellor, receiving training to navigate the challenges of mental health can help you to become a positive influence in your personal relationships and communities.

"After faith issues, church leaders report the greatest need for training among their leaders was around mental health (52%)."

Are you confronted with relationship challenges in your marriage, family, work or church? 

Can these challenges be directly attributed to mental and emotional health issues such as dysfunctional relationships, depression or anxiety? 

Are you interested in obtaining the skills and the confidence to effectively respond to the mental health issues around you?

Ask yourself...?

Sally currently lives in rural Victoria and is passionate about Counselling and training the next generation of Christian Counsellors. Working in counselling, business, management, human resources, and training over the last 12 years she has a passion for people and education. Holding qualifications in counselling, psychology, training and business Sally has built up a successful private counselling practice and understands the complexities of starting and maintaining a thriving business. Sally is currently the Victorian Regional Director with aifc and also is part of the developing the training material for the Advanced Diploma of Counselling. Having a strong desire to see personal healing and the professional growth of Christian Counsellors, Sally is dedicated to educating and equipping people for their calling and purpose.

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